The birth of a museum -Reuse school-


Reusing "Taiyo Elementary School" that was discontinued in 2008, the Dimaccio Museum was born.

Taiyo Elementary School

太陽小学校 The elementary school that surrounded by rich nature was decided to reuse as an art museum in June 2009. The author is Gerard Dimascio, a master of French illusion paintings,the largest oil painting in the world (height 9 m x width 27 m), and about 250 other works are displayed.

Bid on auction

太陽小学校建物 Bid for "Taiyo elementary school" by internet auction, then Opened in August 2010 as a community-based museum. The colors and shapes of school buildings and gymnasiums are consistent with the view of the world of Dimacio who values nature and the environment.Space for exhibiting the world's largest oil paintings also matched. The museum aims for coexistence with nature and the area.